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Could you describe the emotions you felt when you found out you were pregnant?

You have probably started imagining your new life with your baby right away. You will have thought of all the things that you should have prepared and bought to better prepare for the big day.

While all these little attentions for the baby are important and fundamental, your health and your rest throughout the pregnancy are equally important. 

As the baby bump starts to get bigger and bigger, it becomes difficult to find a comfortable position to fall asleep and rest properly.

It is no coincidence that 76% of women declares that during the last quarter the nights they manage to sleep are rare and sleep is in any case of poor quality.

uMommy is a total body pillow specifically designed to follow the natural shape of the body and support the head, arms, belly, legs and back at the same time.

It will help you maintain a correct position during sleep and will offer you immense benefits:

✔️ Relieves pressure on the back giving immediate relief

✔️ Supports evenly belly, back, head, hips and legs

✔️ Improve sleep quality

✔️ Facilitates blood circulation in the lower limbs


uMommy allows you to comfortably and safely assume the most recommended position during pregnancy; the one on the left side. This is in fact considered the best for both mom and baby.

This position allows you to pump blood and nutrients more efficiently to the placenta and baby. It also facilitates the correct position of the baby for a faster and less painful birth.

It also helps your kidneys to eliminate waste and fluids faster, to reduce swelling and water retention.

Sleeping on the left side also prevents the fetus from pressing on the internal organs and blood vessels, in particular on the lower vena cava which, running behind the uterus, brings blood from the lower limbs back to the heart. 

Can you already imagine yourself curled up in your uMommy pillow? What are you waiting for? Secure yours!